Deal – Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini SIM-Free down to £229.99

Deal   Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini SIM Free down to £229.99

My wife loves the Galaxy SIII. Her only gripe, when we bought it, was that it was a bit too large. Sadly we purchased it just months before the SIII Mini appeared and now, if you’ve got some cash washing about after Christmas, you can get the blue one for £229.99, and that includes delivery. We’ve had a look around and Amazon want £249.95 (with delivery) and Handtec have it up for £251.99.

The Expansys deal, which is only available until 5PM on Friday, is for the EU version but you do get a UK charger and EU warranty.

If you’d like to see a little more of this handset, have a looksie at our Samsung Galaxy SIII review.

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