Why doesn’t Android have this killer feature, and why hasn’t anyone noticed?

Ok, I’m quite a Siri fan. Sure there are times when Google Now thrashes the pants off it, but it’s fairly capable for a lot of situations.

I flip from Android to iOS quite a bit, and recently have found myself considering switching back to an Android device after having my iPhone5 for just over three months (a personal best in the last few years!). There’s just one thing holding me back, and I’m quite surprised Google haven’t rectified this yet.

Siri works when the screen is locked.

That’s it. Quite simple.

On the recent Android devices I’ve used for more than a quick test (Galaxy S3, Note 2) this doesn’t work. Google Now and even S-Voice can only be activated when the screen is unlocked. I should mention I *always* have my phone locked with a PIN, as so many people. Siri still works fine despite this (although it can be disabled if desired in the options).

Last night, walking home from work, in the rain Siri proved it’s worth yet again. I’m listening to music ( through the headphones, naturally) and get a text. I ask Siri to read the text to me, which it does. I dictate my reply, and resume listening to my music. I then decide to call a mate, again, via Siri. During this whole process my phone hasn’t left my pocket, safe and dry.

Why can’t Google Now do this? Or Windows Phone?  Voice recognition is excellent in Android, dictation in particular, but this seems like massive ommision, at least for my usage.

Yesterday, we posted an article about the HTC Mini, which can be used in conjunction with your (potentially large) phone. This is another example of technology working around the fact you don’t always need to be staring at a large slate to get things done.

The second part of the title here isn’t just for sensationalism, I’m genuinely intrigued! For me, this is a killer feature. I have a busy life, and this helps me get things done on the move.

Will this feature ever be present in Google Now? Will Windows Phone catch up?  I’d like to think so.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below, or even contact me on Twitter.


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