LifeKraze for Android released. We go hands on

LifeKraze have extended their application offering to Android today, along with a substantial update to their pre-existing iOS app. But, before we go any further – what is LifeKraze, you may ask?

LifeKraze is a social network designed so that you can share your accomplishments (like going for a run or writing up an article, for example) and be motivated by others. Posts are split into two categories – ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Accomplishments’, each with a 160-character limit. Such a limit is nothing out of the ordinary for social networking sites, but what makes LifeKraze such an intriguing concept is the Kraze points system.

LifeKraze for Android released. We go hands on

This is where people can award other users points for their accomplishments (not posts marked as thoughts), thus providing a bit more motivation for that user to reach their goals, be that getting fitter or writing more, to use our two examples above. This ‘crowd-sourced’ motivation seems like it works well in practice, although I haven’t been out for a run to test this since I signed up for the service, which I’m less than pleased at!

We all know what points make, right? Prizes! Kraze points can be redeemed for rewards or discounts from different brands signed up to the service. Alternatively, these points can be contributed towards donations towards various charities, which ties in nicely with the lifestyle emphasis that comes with the app. Who says that Internet points don’t benefit anybody?

The reason why I initially became interested in LifeKraze is that they’ve just released a new Android app, and I was given pre-release access so I could tell you lovely lot about it – oh, the hardships of being a technology writer.

LifeKraze for Android released. We go hands on

The app is wonderfully designed, using the Holo UI design principles to great effect. We have slide out side menus (still a favourite of mine), a well populated ActionBar and the design is both sensible enough yet lively enough to keep me interested. Feature-wise, it’s got most things that you would come to expect from any social networking app – search, image uploads and a comprehensive push notifications system are all present.

LifeKraze for Android released. We go hands on

LifeKraze also allows you to filter the stream of incoming posts by ‘Everyone’, ‘Following’ and ‘Rookies’, another move to promote motivation via the service. It’s a nice touch that allows connections to be made that previously may have been overlooked.
You can also post to Twitter and Facebook using your LifeKraze thoughts and accomplishments.

However, one big omission in the app for me is a tool to find contacts who are already on LifeKraze – it’s something that I would think essential on a smaller social network such as this. It could work both ways too – an option to invite some lifestyle – conscious friends would be welcomed. Another thing that would also be pretty cool, an option to link in with existing fitness services like RunKeeper or Endomondo, but not as essential as something to find or invite my friends.

Aside from those suggestions, the LifeKraze app is solid and the concept is excellent. All in all, it’s well worth investigating further and signing up – as always, there is a helpful link down below. If you do sign up and you are so inclined to follow me on LifeKraze, you can do so here.

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