Advertising now the most popular revenue model for apps – Report

Advertising now the most popular revenue model for apps   ReportBased on the answers of 3,400 developers across Europe, North America and Asia, the “Developer Economics” report offers some insights into what developers are after and what’s proving successful.

Android and iOS are still the big hitters, with 72% of respondents developing for Android (up 4% from the last survey). Some 56% of respondents are developing for iOS, down 5% on the last report. There is, however, a lot of developers intending to adopt Windows Phone too – 47% said that they’d be “interested” in developing for it, with 21% of respondents currently developing for it.

As for getting paid, it seems that advertising is now the most popular model. The Google AdMob system has been adopted by 65% of developers using advertising. In-app purchasing is growing, up 50% compared to the last Developer Economics survey.

If you want to read more, check out the full survey below.

Link – Developer Economics

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