Samsung Galaxy S4 to offer wireless charging, leak suggests

Samsung Galaxy S4 to offer wireless charging, leak suggests

Wireless charging could be front and centre on the Samsung Galaxy S4, reports suggest, as details about the next Galaxy S-branded kit continue to circulate ahead of its expected launch later this year.

According to Korean site D Daily, S4 owners will be able to charge their handset’s battery without plugging it into a charger thanks to an inductive back cover and wireless charging dock. Alas, it seems the peripherals won’t come with the phone and will be sold separately, however.

The good news, though, is that this won’t be the same wireless charging tech that debuted way back when on the well-regarded Palm Pre, but which tended to drop out sporadically and often had trouble registering the presence of the phone.

Instead it’s set to be a more advanced strain dubbed resonant magnetic coupling that would purportedly enable S4 owners to juice up their kits from a distance of up to 2 metres away from the dock. That compares to a maximum distance of 4cm on current-gen smartphones equipped with the feature.

Given that wireless charging is nothing new, it’s debatable how much of a selling point it would be for the S4. However, one thing that is clear is that Samsung appears to be sticking with the quirky approach to features (CF: Smart Stay and S-Voice) that characterised its attempts to differentiate the S3 from the Android competition.

The S4’s other specs are thought to take in a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED screen with a full HD resolution and Galaxy Note–style support for a stylus.

Source – Sam Mobile