EE to close 78 shops nationwide

EE to close 78 shops nationwide

Everything Everywhere has announced that it is to close 78 of its stores throughout the country. This will be where there is more than one store within close proximity to another.

This happened here in Stockport for the launch of EE, we had three stores but they soon made it two because they were next door but one.

The company has said that it will retain all the front line staff and will try to minimise the impact on Managers.

We are currently trying to reach EE to see if we can find out which stores will be affected.

Update: We’ve had a bit more detail about the EE closures from a trusted source. If you live in Dunstable, you’re out of luck. You only have one EE shop but the plan is to close it. From a consumer point of view the rest will be quite straight forward, the rest of the closures will happen in towns and cities with more than one EE store. Almost all places will see just one closure, regardless of how many stores they currently have. The only place this wont be the case for is Hull, they have five stores and two are set for closure. While Leeds will lose a shop, a new shop will open in Trinity Walk. The full list of places to lose at least one shop is:

Aylesbury, Ayr, Barking, Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton, Burton On trent, Cambridge, Canterbury, Chatham, Chippenham, Clydebank, Colchester, Coventry, Darlington, Doncaster, Merryhill-Dudley, Dundee, Dunfermline, Dunstable, Falkirk, Feltham, Fleet, Gateshead, Glasgow, Greenock, Halifax, Harrogate, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Hull, Inverness, Keighley, Kingston, Kirkcaldy, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London – Camden, London – Chiswick, London – Eastham, London – Fleet, London – Hammersmith, London – Putney, London – Streatham, London – Waltham Cross, London – Walthamstow, London – Woolwich, Loughborough, Northampton, Norwich, Nuneaton, Orpington, Poole, Portsmouth, Rochdale, Scarborough, Slough, Solihull, South Shields, Southport, St Albans, Stafford, Staines, Swindon, Telford, Tunbridge Wells, Wakefield, Watford, Windsor, Wolverhampton, Yeovil.

Source – ZDNet