Jelly Bean for Orange Galaxy SIII’s – At last!

Well, it certainly took a while for Orange to sign this one off, but the Samsung Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean update is now rolling out for handsets on Orange.

Reader John Bairner tells us…

It’s here at long last Via Kies Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Orange update for the Samsung Galaxy III installed this morning I hope Orange update future updates quicker than this long awaited one !

Let us know if you’re getting the update too :)

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  • I refuse to buy network branded handsets now because of stuff like this….


  • John S-R

    Hello, I’m suprised its taken this long for you (Coolsmartphone) to publish this article. It was released on Friday. Its frankly taken too long. The ROM that has shipped now includes a software update check. So maybe Orange have learnt their lesson this time, and to leave the stock updates to Samsung.

    • John S-R

      To clarify, Orange has taken too long!

  • I can also confirm that my T-Moblie S3 LTE had the 4.1.2 update OTA today.

  • Kuldip

    I got the update on Kies and now have jellybean 4.1.2 complete with multiview Google now and also the ability to update over the air.

  • jin

    Updated via Kies lastnight. About time.