Android Game Review – Judge Dredd vs Zombies

Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies

A film tie in game and some zombies, could this game start off any lower down the credibility ladder?

Judge Dredd vs Zombies has been out a few months and I initially missed it, the only reason I installed this game is because there is a version for Windows RT which I installed on my Microsoft Surface tablet. Out of interest I checked the Google Play Store and also the iOS App Store and they all had versions. I settled for installing it on my Galaxy Note II as I could play a few levels whenever I wanted.

The Game

So what is Judge Dredd vs Zombies all about? Hmmm, I wonder? Shooting zombies? Yes you’re right, you shoot zombies and boy are there lots of them.

The onscreen controls are incredibly easy to get to grips with, you get a movement d-pad type thing, plus a fire button and a reload button. You’d think a game involving guns and zombies would be more complex, well no it is pretty simple, you run around with your gun and it automatically targets enemies and shootable objects. All you have to do is avoid zombies and press the “Fire” button as quickly as possible.
Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies
Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies
The basic game has three zones and each zone has ten areas. Each area gets progressively harder.
Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies
This is where the whole freemium aspect of the game comes in.

As the game gets harder you are presented with a whole load of upgrades for your weapons and for yourself. These cost credits and you get awarded credits after each area you complete.
Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies
After about three or four levels the zombies start to get tougher meaning you need to upgrade to survive. I quickly ran out of credits and had to look into other methods to get credits.

To get more credits you have a few options. You can buy them, you can play the arena levels which are a never ending zombie barrage or you can “play” some of the “PSI” levels. Or most worryingly you can install some of the sponsored games they suggest. All of which give you varying levels of credits.
Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies
Android Game Review   Judge Dredd vs Zombies
Eventually I had enough credits to upgrade my way through to the end of the game and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the levels did get a little repetitive and the zombies did at times seem a little bit too easy to kill. But by the end of the game I was glad to be done with it. Mainly because the last few levels were so long and fraut with danger, the prospect of restarting them was too much for me to handle.


Overall it is a great game, at first I thought it would become a freemium nightmare that would see me get stuck without paying a load of money. What I got was a great fun game that you could actually finish with a bit of hard work and clever credit hunting.

The learning curve for the game is a bit steep, after about the fifth level things start to get hard. But learning and upgrading was part of the fun.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies is free, which is nice as you get an extremely playable shoot em up. So if you fancy a go head over to the link below.

Google Play Store Link – Judge Dredd vs Zombies