Buy now, a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Oh, it’s been in the microwave a bit..

Buy now, a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Oh, its been in the microwave a bit..

I can see the insurance claim now..

“I accidentally got my brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII mixed up with my lasagne, but didn’t realise until my microwave exploded and set fire to my brand new leather sofa, plasma TV, laptop and half my kitchen.”

But wait, this isn’t a dubious insurance claim, this (apparently) is “art”.

After buying a brand-new SIII the fellow below sticks it in a microwave (which you should never do) and then sells on the charred remains as…. errrmmm … “art”….

I’m sure I’ve seen that guy before… I think he works down at the local scrap yard… anyway, here’s the best bit. After Mr “Artist” has ruined a perfectly good phone he then sells it on eBay to suckers. Sorry, I mean “customers” who appreciate the “artistic work”.

So, if you’ve got (wait for it) about £1300 sat around doing nothing then you can get yourself a completely wrecked SIII. You also get a sign which you can perhaps use to convince your mates that the thing on your fireplace that smells of chips is actually supposed to be there.

Oh, and just to make this 110% clear, do not put your mobile phone into a microwave. I know this might seem obvious, but with all these “No Win, No Fee” solicitors around you can never be too careful. 🙂

Link – eBay Item
Credit – Nigel Hoar