U2 Android Mini PC available super-cheap

U2 Android Mini PC available super cheapOK! Ready for this. Strap yourself in for another random Android gadget. This one comes thanks to my cousin, who spotted it on HotUKDeals. This one works out at about £12.54 and is sent from Hong Kong.

It’s basically a media player running Android 4.0.4 and has, we think, HDMI output. It’s billed as a way to convert your TV into a “Smart TV” and will apparently do Skype calls with the mic port too. Sure, it’s cheap, but there’s no way of interacting with it – you’ll need a wireless keyboard / mouse or remote control.

There’s a review here and heck, I’m going to take a punt for a few quid :)

Links – DealExtremeHotUKDeals

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  • Martin

    Thats not bad, I’ve been looking for something cheap and cheerful to play media files on my daughters Toshiba tele, it’s supposed to be DLNA compliant. Trouble is it is hit and miss as to which files it will play.

  • Paul Sleight

    Doh! Sold out already…. but it looks like a good deal