Now EE have a femtocell too

Now EE have a femtocell tooLove them or hate them, the femtocell is here to stay. Now EE have got one. This one isn’t for 4G though, just 3G, and boosts the signal and routes calls through your broadband.

We can’t see a price for the EE Signal Box but we assume it’ll be offered if you’re having signal issues. You can set it up yourself and it doesn’t affect how much you’re charged for calls.

Link – EE Signal Box

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  • Anon


  • Josh

    Why would anyone hate femtocells? They’re great and a lifesaver if you live in the country with poor signal :-)

  • Uncle Bob

    Femtocell….stupid name, sounds like a women’s prison

  • Sole Creator

    T-mobile can sell you one today, Orange don’t have a clue and have no idea when it will be available. They are onle a few years behind Vodafone, but Orange is now the only network Not to have one. PS you can’t buy one without a contract and I’m with Orange, bad luck for me.