A week with…

A week with...


I’ve always been a two handset user whenever possible for more years than I’d like to think about. It helped me balance any deficiencies in any one handset, and whilst I’ve had a preference for one type of handset over the other for certain things, there was never a “One Phone To Rule Them All” for me since the days of the 6310. And even then, there were other handsets that were that little bit smaller and worked with Bluetooth that little bit better.

Fast forward to 2013. I have a back-up phone that couldn’t be considered a smartphone in any circumstances. Ever. Just for disclosure, its a Sony Ericsson T650. In green. Its been with me on holiday, when I’m out and there’s the possibility that I may have a drink or two, and even when I’ve been in areas where I don’t trust the local wildlife.
The point of this is since its a New Year, and I’ve tended to sit on the fence for so long when it comes to having a preference, I’ve decided that I’m going to use just one phone. At a time. For a week. This doesn’t so much as fill me with dread as wonder if its even possible. I’m going to miss some things, but one week isn’t too long. Not really. Kind of. I’m not going to pre-prepare any of the phones than they already are. I’ve got an Android phone, a Blackberry, and an iPhone. Strangely enough, i’m looking forward to finding out if there are any discoveries, or if I already know everything there is to know already (yep, highly doubtful). I’ll probably be tweeting a certain amount of frustration, and muttering curses under my breath, but there really is only one way to find out.

This morning, I’m going to turn call forward on the other two, and I’ve decided that the OneX+ will be my first choice, followed by the iPhone, and last of all, the Blackberry.

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  • Martin

    Khellan, how I feel for you only using one phone ;) You do know that most normal people only have the one phone and it is not actually that hard to ‘make do’!

    Good luck anyways.

    • I know what you mean, in the past I have enjoyed using various phones and devices but find sticking to one device nowadays very easy.

      Saying that I do find that I can miss things like attaching documents to emails with the iPhone! I’m sure there’s an app for that somewhere!

      Be interesting to see how you get on.

  • Khellan Payne

    @ justme – it IS a silly thing – don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been doing it for a long time… Some people like stamps, or good wine… i was the one with an extra phone bulging out of his pockets :( The upshot of that was that it was easy for me to dismiss shortcomings and not get annoyed when other people used to look at their phone in disgust. I’d shrug and suggest they tried X or Y next time.
    Right now, I’m jonesing for my BBM. yes, there’s whatsapp and viber and pingchat, but that’s only great if your bbm people are on those networks. And what the hell has gone on with battery time?! I’ll get into that later.