Run Android apps on your PC or Mac

There are thousands of great Android apps out there to download for your smartphone or tablet, but did you ever wish you could run them on Windows or OSX?

Well now you’re in luck. A free beta app called BlueStacks allows you to run the whole Android Market on your computer, install apps and use them as you would on your mobile device.

Now remember this app is in beta form and is by no means perfect but is really handy to have.  I have just installed TuneIn Radio and Instagram which work really well.

Run Android apps on your PC or MacRun Android apps on your PC or Mac Run Android apps on your PC or Mac Run Android apps on your PC or Mac Run Android apps on your PC or Mac

Both versions of the beta software are available right now for download using the links below.

Just a word of warning though, expect a long waiting time when first running the software on your computer as it takes a while to setup everything needed.

Links – Windows   –  OSX   –  BlueStacks 

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  • Steve

    How legal is this? Do bluestacks have authorisation to access the android market?

  • Steve

    Slow news day? James Pearce already posted about this back in March and again in September.

    • Dan

      Slow commenting day?

    • Dan Carter

      the Mac beta has just been made available

  • bob

    Hi Dan, how secure do you think this is? Do you have to log in with your Google account? Or can you just download all the free apps?
    I like the idea as getting a netbook and it would be cool to have access to all my android stuff. Are they hoping Google will buy them to expand there universe

  • Tried the Mac beta. You can’t download any app, you can’t log into your google account and it basically doesn’t work.

  • bob

    Just googled it and at cnet the comments say some have struggled to remove the software once installed

  • A good app this… used from the start….for any one with doubts look at the backers etc…. big names like amd are in there.

    im only wondering how much longer this will be beta…..


  • Anonymous

    The windows version has worked well, what I really want though is a WP8 version.

  • I wonder if I could play temple run and hook my controller to it so that I can move the guy around with my controller, that would be fricken cool.