An introduction and Cerberus Anti Theft app review

Let me introduce myself as one of the new writers here at Coolsmartphone, I’ve been a member of this site from its very beginnings, when I first had the original Orange SPV smartphone way back in 2002, ten years, yes ten long years ago and oh how things have moved on since that day.

I have been “into” phones since that day moving from the Windows CE platform through Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile Version 5 and 6 and then in October 2011 I got the first Android phone, the G1 and have moved on to that platform. I have owned too many devices to mention, plus I’m not going to list them on here in the off chance that Mrs Fozzer just happens to read this and then quickly but quietly kills me.

I am heavily into modding phones and have been installing custom ROMS since I was able to, I think my current devices a Samsung Galaxy SIII and Nexus 7 lasted less than a day before the bootloader was unlocked and a custom ROM installed.

Now just a quick review of a security app that I’m using on my Android Devices

Its called Cerberus Anti Theft available from the play store at just under £3 for the account and I’ve currently got my Galaxy SII, Sensation XE and my Nexus 7 all linked and installed.

This app can be installed on both rooted and un-rooted devices giving a few more functions on rooted devices.

Right what does this app do ?

Well once installed on your device apart from a few settings very little, but the magic starts when you log into your account from the Cerberus web site, its from here you can do so much. Your device is lost/stolen from the site you can do the following…


An introduction and Cerberus Anti Theft app review

Track your device from Google Maps

An introduction and Cerberus Anti Theft app review

Make your device alarm go off ( handy when phone down the sofa on silent)
Place a message on the screen
Remote wipe phone
Remote wipe SD card
Get the SMS log
Get the phone log ( if the thief has called or texted someone)
Start the phone audio recording without persons near knowing
Start the phone video recording without persons near knowing
If your phone has a password/ pattern lock if entered wrongly takes a picture using the front camera of the person entering it and emails to you.
Takes a picture if the audible alarm is cancelled as well.

The first week of use is free then if you want you can purchase it

I’m not involved in anyway with the development or production of this app, I just think it’s small price to pay to “protect” a number of expensive devices…



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  • Hi,

    Does the app ‘location’ work from GPS or by using the network to locate?

  • Martin

    I have this app, it is cracking. The location works with GPS turned off, I’m not sure if it turns it on under the hood. It certainly works well. I have it on both my Transformer tablet and my SE Ray.

  • AT

    I use “Android Lost”, for no other reason that I found it before Cerberus or any other alternative. It seems to have all the same functionality, and it’s free!

    Regarding location, with Android Lost you can remotely turn on the GPS, I would presume Cerberus is the same.

  • Ian Furlong

    Dave i think it works as Just Me states the app uses Network for course location then when tracking is required the app activates the GPS on the device

  • mark adams

    Avast do this free for mobile devices bundles with their free A/V

  • mona

    will the theif know when i download the app from laptop to track my phone