Rogers: RIM touchscreen preorders now up

Rogers: RIM touchscreen preorders now up

It won’t even be officially announced until the end of January, but preorders are already up for BB10 devices. Unfortunately for us in Blighty, its for the Rogers network in Canada, so they’re likely to be the CDMA variant of the handset, but at least there’s one network operator still backing RIM. Is it a coincidence that the Canadian OpCo is bullish on the one-time Canadian handset maker? Maybe Rogers could be jumping the gun a little bit, but it does show that the network operators would like a credible third option to balance the Apple/Android proliferation of handsets. It seems smart to hedge their bets by (re)introducing BlackBerry in case Windows Phone can’t shift enough units to provide a credible alternative.

One wonders on how much of a lead time and advertising budget the UK networks are going to give RIM for a shot at a real third seat at the table.

“Already Have Rogers Wireless?
Reserve your new BlackBerry® 10 device today and have it shipped to a store of your choice for pick up when available.


Rogers Business customer? Please go to for more information.

New to Rogers Wireless?
Check back to find out when you can pre-order your BlackBerry 10 device and stay in the loop with updates from BlackBerry.”

Source: Blackberry Empire