Christmas Gift Guide – Part 5

With just a week until Christmas I think we’re all starting to feel the pinch, so for my Christmas Gift Guide I decided to do something a little different. Instead of looking for something that costs money, I had a look through the Google Play store for some free apps to perhaps treat yourself. Sure, it might be a time for giving, but it’s always good to get yourself a treat.

Here’s some of the apps I’ve started using lately which I find inventive or interesting. I’ve got them all installed on my phone.

First up, Cloud Print. It’s an app which uses the the Google Cloud Print service. Google Cloud Print lets you hook up printers to your Google account, and this particular app lets you print to those printers easily. There’s two types of printers – those that are “Cloud Print ready” and those that aren’t. I’ve got one of the “Classic” printers, so it does involve having a PC on all the time to connect to it.The PC then connects to Google and, in turn, to your Google Account.

I’ve got a laptop with a busted screen connected to my laser printer. When I’m out and about I can grab a PDF attachment from Gmail or Google Drive, then print it and have it ready for when I get back home.

Christmas Gift Guide   Part 5

For me, the great thing about working “mobile” is that I can do things when I think about it. If I say, “Ahh, I’ll do that later”, I rarely do, so to print something out immediately is brilliant.

Christmas Gift Guide   Part 5

Next up, MovieTube. Sure, there’s a question of the legality of this. The developers say that these movies are taken from anonymous users. Basically, there are some full films on YouTube that haven’t been deleted and this app collates them. Movies include Trespass from 2011, Transporter 3, Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Madagascar 3 and more. It’s no surprise that this app is currently riding high in the app charts.

Christmas Gift Guide   Part 5

As a Swype user for some time, I’ve recently switch to TouchPal. It’s fast, easy to use and has a smoothness and class about it. There’s multiple skins, multiple layouts and gesture shortcuts. It makes data entry a breeze. I’m so used to the “sliding text entry” system now that this is almost second nature and I love the error correction. There’s also plugins which let you switch to different apps such as Twitter.

Christmas Gift Guide   Part 5

Lastly, 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper. A beautiful background for your handset which will count you down to Christmas and the New Year.

But I’d like to ask you for your app recommendations too. Let me know if there’s an app you use daily and would recommend.

Christmas Gift Guide   Part 5

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  • whatawasteoftime

    This has to be the worst gift guide ever! This particular post is the worst of them all.

    • crapsmartphone

      Couldnt agree more!!! This site wants us to buy MicroSD cards, mobile anti-virus and now we have the owner of the site giving us advice on free apps to “treat” ourselves. at least when my family gave me short shrift for buying them that crappy presents suggested by this band of muppets ill be able to print a pdf when im out of the house. This site is seriously losing its grip. There are some decent writers here but some just seem to post complete nonsense.

  • nothing like constructive criticisim eh? For me a good post – im gonna give google cloud print a try – thanks leigh