What would you name gadget of the year?

What would you name gadget of the year?

Is it a surprise that Times has named the iPhone 5 Gadget of the year 2012? To me, yes. I was expecting the Samsung Galaxy S III or Note II to bare this title personally.

I like Apple products, I currently have a number of them. I have a few Android devices too, although rarely used I do let them see the light of day every once in a while.

The Galaxy S III out sold the iPhone 5 during this year but its the design and build plus Apple’s services that got the new generation iPhone to the top. There are similar services to Apple iCloud for the Android platform but they don’t have the same integration and elegance. There’s also no denying that the iPhone 5 is a gorgeous sleek piece of kit but the Samsung devices aren’t ugly either.

Lets not forget the Nexus 4. Added to the Nexus line of devices built by LG has had some good reviews, our very own Ravi wrote an excellent one. It’s got some downsides too, the glass back being a major concern for some users. That aside, Gizmodo have rated the Nexus 4 as gadget of the year 2012. There still seems to be a stock issue with the Nexus 4 surely you should be able to buy the gadget of the year without waiting weeks for delivery or paying nearly double the price. Sorry, I don’t agree with that one!

Dare I ask this question without starting a fanboy war, do you agree with Times? Are your thoughts similar to mine? Let me know in the comments or over on the forum

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  • mufc67

    Depends what they say to justify such a claim. Personally I wouldn’t touch an Apple product but that’s just me. Even so I can’t see how the IPhone 5 is in the same league as the Galaxy Note 2 as a “gadget”.
    Always seems that Apple hold back with each version of their products so they can add it next time. The I pad mini being a classic example but then if enough people are happy to over spend just because it’s made by Apple then lucky Apple. To me though the customer is being ripped off.

    • copycatsamsung

      note and note 2 like ???? just shows you havent even held a ipad mini compared to the rest of the market …

      what has the note 2 brought that wasnt already out there ????

      • mufc67

        I was talking about releasing products that are holding things back. What exactly is the mini bringing to the market? Where’s the Retina display the new chipset that’s in the IPad4? Why is the IP5 gadget of the year?

  • Anonymous

    Dull, boring and predictable choice.

    Surely the gadget of the year should be something that brought innovation ?

    It probably has a place in the top ten but number one ?

    Out of those listed in the top 10 the Raspberry Pi probably deserves to be number one due to it’s education aspect. Anything that encourages students to learn more about how technology works is surely a good thing for the future.

    Surprised not to see some kind of 3D printer in the top ten but guess that 2013 may see more mainstream products emerge.