iPad Mini lands on Vodafone UK

As of today you will be able to pick up a nice shiny new iPad Mini on the Vodafone network here in the UK if you sign up to a monthly contract.  There are two types of contract, a 24 month commitment with a much lower price for the hardware or a 30 day option where you pay more up front.

As you can see above the most popular option will be a 24 month deal at £27 a month with a one off price of £49 which will give you 2GB of UK data plus 1GB of WiFi, extra data is available at £15 per GB.

If you prefer the 30 day option then there are two plans on offer both with an up front cost for the 16GB iPad Mini or £369.99.  These plans are

  • £7.50 for 500MB plus 1GB WiFi
  • £15 for 2GB plus 1GB WiFi
The Vodafone site is stating these are on ‘Back Order’ for delivery within 2-4 weeks, however your local store might have them available before so best check