Anecdote: The most ill-informed man in the world

Anecdote: The most ill informed man in the worldWorking in retail store for a network is quite possibly the best way to meet ill-informed people, most of the time this mis-information is minor and forgivable such as calling a BlackBerry a Blueberry or asking if we stock the HTC as if there is only one. Now I know not everyone is as obsessed (in my case anyway) with the mobile world as others so not knowing something is fine, in fact it validates my job in a big way.

Every now and again someone comes into store and decides to enlighten me with a great deal of what can only be described as nonsense, it went like this;

ME: Good morning sir

HIM: I am due my upgrade

ME: Ok sir do you have anything in mind?

HIM: There is only one real choice these days.

ME: A lot of people say that but most of them are talking about different phones, so what is it in particular you are looking for?

HIM: Well the iPhone obviously. Apple invented the smartphone, and since then everyone has been playing second fiddle. It’s only a matter of time before they buy one.

ME:¬†Well, Android has some really strong offerings with the like of the Note 2, the S3 and even the HTC one XL. It’s actually more popular than the iPhone, in fact the S3 is the best selling handset on the market.

HIM: All of these Android manufacturers know nothing about making phones. Sony and Samsung should stick to making laptops and HTC are too young to have any experience in making handsets. I think Apple are my only option.

ME: I see you’re pretty set on the iPhone, but just to let you know that an Android phone can do most of what an iPhone can do, and they tend to be a bit cheaper. Oh, and for future reference HTC pretty much made most of the smartphones before the iPhone they where just branded differently.

HIM: Regardless, no-one but Apple have really innovated, I mean what have Motorola ever done?

ME: Do you mean besides inventing the mobile phone.

At this point I had decided that it was best to stick to matters of business but then it came to light that he wasn’t even on the right network. Thats what you get for working in retail. Any horror stories of your own? let us know in the comments.


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