Jellybean Update for Motorola RAZR i on the way

By far the biggest bone of contention for most Android handset owners is the lack of updates or the lack of information regarding updates.

Many manufacturers have a page that details which devices will be receiving updates with a rough approximation of when they will arrive.  Motorola is no exception.

The good news to be taken from Motorola’s update page is that the RAZR i is to get an upgrade to Jellybean 4.1 sometime in Q1 2013.  This timeline is however subject to possible changes.

What is slightly disappointing given Motorola’s close links to Google is that the upgrade is only to 4.1 and not 4.2, what other additions or subtractions from stock Andriod Motorola will make remains to be seen.

Any upgrade however is welcome and when released this upgrade will mean that the RAZR i will be only one minor release from having the latest Android OS.