LG Nexus 4 official bumper case – Review

Ahh, the Nexus 4, the latest and greatest phone you can’t get hold of.

If you are lucky enough to get one, you will soon realise you need protection for it.

I prefer bumper cases to full cases, as they don’t add too much bulk to the original phone size. Getting hold of the official LG Nexus case  proved almost as difficult as getting the phone itself. I placed my order on the 16th of November, and it was delivered today, the 7th of December. A little disappointing as the Play store was quoting 3-5 days when I ordered (now sold out!)

The first thing that hits you about this bumper case is the quality. It feels so well made it could been made by Apple.

The front and rear edges are a type of rubberised plastic, with a brushed metal effect plastic sandwiched in between. The buttons are probably my favorite part of the case. They are real buttons, rather than just flexible parts of the case. This makes the bumper look like part of the phone rather than an add-on.

It feels solid in the hand, and after initial concerns of bulkiness, I have quickly got used to the additional size it adds to the handset.

The front and rear edges add a lip of about 0.5mm to either face of the phone, meaning you should now be able to place your Nexus 4 on a hard surface, without the fear of scratches.

There are a few pictures below to make you jealous. This first image is for those of you concerned with ‘slippage’.