SwiftKey Flow beta is now available for Android

SwiftKey Flow beta is now available for Android
Replacement keyboards for Android have traditionally fallen into two types. Annoying swiping ones where you trace the words out with a long continues line and super predictive normal keyboards. (Can you guess which I prefer?)

SwiftKey previously fell into the predictive camp and left all of that swiping stuff to the others. Until today that is, the have released the apks for SwiftKey Flow which has a new Swype style gesturing feature. It is available for you to download to your phone or tablet over on the SwiftKey website here.

They have posted some info on their website detailing some of the new features:

Today we’re making SwiftKey Flow beta available and we’re very excited about it. SwiftKey Flow is so much more than another gesture input keyboard. It redefines touchscreen typing with a series of incredible innovations.

Most notably, SwiftKey Flow lets you write an entire sentence without letting go of the screen. All you need to do is pass your finger over the space bar between each word that you trace out. Let SwiftKey Flow do the rest, and you’ll see the words you want magically appear on the screen. We call this ‘Flow Through Space’.

They have also made a quick video showing you how it works and we have included some screenshots below too.




Source – SwiftKey