Sony Ericsson Liveview Smartwatch £19.99 For Limited time at Expansys

The deal of the day today at Expansys is an absolute corker….

Sony Ericsson Liveview Smartwatch £19.99 For Limited time at Expansys

For the bargain basement price of £19.99 you can bag yourself a Sony Ericsson Liveview Smartwatch.

The SonyEricsson Liveview Smartwatch  lets you check your Android phone without taking it out of your pocket. Acting as a second screen for your Android* smartphone, you can control your music, view social network feeds, receive phone calls, read your texts or just check the time all from your wrist. Via Bluetooth, it syncs with your smartphone and displays it on the 1.3inch screen. Touch the panels on the side to flick through the menu to access Facebook, Twitter, your calendar, Find Phone (makes your phone ring when you can’t find it) text messages and compatible apps on your phone. You can wear it on your wrist (strap included) or clip it onto your clothing, which is brilliant for skipping tracks when you’re out running or in the gym. Full battery lasts up to four days and you can charge it using the micro USB port.

The deal is live until 12 midnight and stocks are limited, so don’t delay, head on over to Expansys now and grab a bargain.

Full details can be found here.

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  • Jack Black

    It’s £18.99 on Amazon anyway so you can save yourself a quid :)

  • ordered

  • Tom Ranson

    Or get it from Sony for £14?

    • Moo Moo Head

      +1, I think some research needs to go into these posts before advertising a supplier that has higher price then most others? Even with the postage included it is cheaper, but as mentioned Amazon beats it.

      Expansys: £21.78
      Sony Direct: £19.35
      Amazon: £18.99

      Also to mention it is the old version, not the new one.

      • Paul Sleight

        I was about to say the same thing, got distracted, you beat me to it!
        Ebay listing several at £17.99 with free postage, new but open or missing package.
        You pays yer money…
        Still, until this item was posted, I never knew I wanted one!

  • Pat Harris

    agree totally would have saved myself at least £5!

  • Anonymous

    I bought one of these when they were around $60 and found the whole thing clumsy and awkward to use. Battery life was good, but the connection was not.

    Might need to dig it out and try with my droid 4, maybe I will have better luck.