More Nexus 4’s ready to ship

More Nexus 4s ready to ship

Exciting news for anyone waiting to get their hands on a shiny Nexus 4! More back orders are ready to ship to customers. Luckily I managed to get an order in after they initially went on sale but it ended up on back order due to demand.

We expected the stock to go quick, but 20 minutes was a little too quick. Either stock was too small or demand was too high.

An email sent to me just a few hours ago by Google reads..

Your Nexus 4 order is scheduled to ship this week. We’ll send you a notification, including tracking information, when it’s on the way.

Please note that your order will be charged in full when it ships.  As a courtesy and to thank you for your patience, you’ll then receive a credit for the shipping charge within 7 business days.

Thanks again,

The Google Play Team

This is great news for a lot of people and is under the three week wait originally stated by Google.

Have you had the same email come through?  Why not leave a comment below and discuss. If you’re still looking to buy one, try the Nexus availability checker we mentioned last night.