HTC Deluxe not coming to Europe?

You might have seen a post we did recently about a rumoured new HTC phone called the ‘Deluxe’ or ‘DLX” for short.  This is the 5 inch 1080p screen device based on the Droid DNA on sale on Verizon in the States.

This is the first 1080p device and, with a 440 PPI screen, this is not only the highest resolution screen but the highest PPI screen too. By comparison the already impressive iPhone 5 screen has 326 PPI.

The sad news it seems is this device will NOT be coming to Europe as over on the HTC Germany page someone has asked the question on availability and had the reply….

The Deluxe will unfortunately not come to Europe.

Two points here to make though.  First of all the Deluxe is not even an official phone announced by HTC yet. Why is HTC Germany making reference to the device instead of the normal press line of ‘We have no information on unannounced products at this time”. Strange.

Also, just because the ‘Deluxe’ is not coming to Europe doesn’t mean 100% we won’t be able to get this device under a different name, and with MWC not long away, fingers are crossed.

Link –AndroidCentral