Google TV on offer in UK

You might have seen a small black box from Apple called Apple TV. This connects via HDMI to your HD TV and then streams your media purchases on a nice large screen via WiFi.

Now there’s also a version available from Google…. and you guessed it, it’s called Google TV. It not only lets you stream movies and music from the Play Store but also lets you install some specific applications such as NetFlix for getting even more content.

As this is Google you get some more goodies under the hood such as a Chrome web browser. Also, if you have a Sky TV box or a Virgin Media TiVo box, you can plug that in too. This will let you run everything through the one unit. You get to browse the web whilst watching live TV – something Apple TV cannot do.

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The great news is that for the next day or so, PC World are selling this device made by Sony on offer for £159.99, down from £199.99. If you are an Android fan and have a tablet or smartphone running the OS, this is a great addition, especially as you can now stream Google Music right through your TV!

If that wasn’t enough check out the cool remote control in the video above. It includes an optical mouse style trackpad and, if you turn it over, a QWERTY keyboard for fast text input.

The good news is that we already have a Google TV on review by myself – initial impressions are VERY good.

A great purchase for a Google fan and someone who loves technology.

If you want to get a Google TV of your own, better be quick as stock at this price is limited.

Link –PC World