LTE activated in a Nexus 4.

A few days ago iFixit got their hands on a Nexus 4 and took it to pieces. To their surprise they found an LTE chip inside, unused of course. What is it’s purpose? A lot of people speculate that it’s simple a cost cutting measure from LG and they used the same board from the LG Optimus G. Needless to say it was a nice discovery but not much of a consolation for people desperately after an flagship Google phone that will work on LTE.

Well, fast forward a couple of days (those guys at XDA work fast) and we have video evidence of a Nexus 4 connecting to an LTE network. Apparently it’s easy to do but a lack of hardware support means the signal is weak. It’s a start though right? Maybe a bit more trickery can gain better results? I doubt it but I do love a good bit of ingenuity.

Source – XDA Developers

Via – The Verge