Clove celebrate 20 years – Win stuff!

Two whole decades. 1992 eh? Heck, I wasn’t even born.

OK, who’s laughing?

The guys at Clove are celebrating the fact that they’ve been in operation for 20 years. You can celebrate too, because Clove are giving away loads of stuff in a daily giveaway draw. There’s 150 prizes in total with one “outstanding” prize and several runner-up prizes, plus a grand prize draw to finish the competition off. To enter you’ll need to like, share or comment on the Clove blog posts, Facebook or Twitter posts that have #clove20 in them.

Meanwhile, Clove have put together this special video showing some of the mobile devices from the last 20 years. How many do you remember?

Link – Clove

Clove Technology Turns 20

BOURNEMOUTH, UK – 20 November, 2012 – 20 years is a long time in any industry, but when
operating in technology, an industry that develops at twice the speed of any other is quite
remarkable. We at Clove Technology ( are pleased to announce the
celebration of our 20th birthday.

In November 1992 when Chris & Jill Love founded Clove Technology and sold their first Psion
product (which Chris even hand delivered), who would have thought 20 years later, the mobile
device in our hands would be almost as powerful and even replace the desktop computer we have at

Wireless and the cloud appear to be the way forward but who knows what we will have in our hands
(if in our hands at all) in another 20 years.

Clove remains a small, niche but powerful and respected company within mobile communications
community, selling the latest smartphones, tablets and accessories, often before they are available
on the high street. We always aim to publicise the latest information on products and forthcoming
smartphones etc. on our blog sittes as well as offering our impartial advice and opinion. This is
probably our strongest asset as we have a regular worldwide following.
Beginning as a mail order company, stocking the big brand names of the 1990’s, Clove is now online
and continues to stock the big names of today, including ASUS, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Samsung,
Sony, ZTE.

Chris Love, Managing Director and founder of Clove commented “Whilst devices, brands and the
business model have changed dramatically, the basic principle of the mobile device and our business
remains. Clove continues to deliver a personal service and knowledge that few others deliver.
Mobile products continue to develop to make daily life simpler as the world around us revolves. It
has been a challenging but enjoyable 20 years, here’s to many more!”

Staying true to our roots, 20 years on, Clove remain based in Bournemouth, Dorset, England but
continue to serve the wider international community. From USA to Mongolia, it is fair to say there
are few places that have not received a package from Clove, though Chris no longer hand delivers!
Roy Taylor, Managing Director of Data Select comments “Data Select has been a proud supplier to
Clove Technology for over 10 years. A recognised innovator in online technology retailing, Clove is a
true business partner. Instrumental in the support and growth of the JCB Toughphone range, Data
Select are appreciative of the support of Clove Technology.”