Ballmer calls Android “Uncontrolled” and Apple “Highly Priced”

Ballmer calls Android Uncontrolled and Apple Highly Priced

He may be the top dog at Microsoft, but Steve Ballmer has never held back when asked about the competition. Today he must’ve been feeling even more relaxed, shooting bullets at both iPhone and Android.

Ballmer firmly believes that Windows Phone can sit somewhere in between the “highly controlled” iPhone experience and the “wild, uncontrolled” Android experience. He even stated today that Android was suceptible to malware…. we’re guessing he’s never used Windows on a desktop PC.

Personally I’m a little confused. I appreciate that he’s eager to sell Windows Phone and wants to point out weaknesses in the competition, but is it wise to call the iPhone “highly priced” when handsets like the Nokia 920 are strapped to exclusivity deals?

This from a man who laughed at the iPhone and doubted that it would ever sell in great numbers.

Microsoft have a huge hill to climb with Windows Phone, a hill they drove past several times many years ago before eventually finding. It’s still early days and Microsoft are still slipping around in the mud at the very bottom.

Link – Techcrunch