Are us Brits obsessed with mobile devices?

Are us Brits obsessed with mobile devices?

Well a recent survey commissioned by Storage Options seems to suggest that yes we are obsessed. The results certainly do make for some interesting reading. Such as:

· 57% use mobile devices in bed and 40% use them on the toilet

· 45% say they can ‘never switch off’

· Half prefer checking device to conversation with their partner

Personally I can relate to this, I get up very early, try and find my phones, check emails and tweets, take the dogs for a walk, come back check emails, write some stuff for you guys, check emails, go to work, check emails, check tweets, and the rest of the day is spent using either a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a pc. When I get home there is no break from it, more emails, more Twitter, more web browsing, film watching, game playing and then I eventually get to bed, where I usually have a quick blast on Ski Safari on my Nexus 7.

I guess I am not alone here, how about you? Do you spend the whole day connected?

New Study Reveals Britain’s Obsession with Mobile Devices


New research released today has found that our obsession with mobile devices could in fact be affecting our relationships, as Brits admit to being more interested in status updates and emails than conversation with their partner – not to mention using their mobile devices on the toilet, in bed or even during intimacy!

The study, commissioned by UK technology manufacturer, Storage Options, explored the tech usage habits of the nation, and revealed a worrying majority unable to go even a few minutes without an electronic device to hand. More than half (57%) of people surveyed admitted they regularly use their mobile devices in bed, 40% using them while sat on the toilet and one-in-20 people even confessing to using their devices during sex! As a result, 45% admitted that their mobile phones and tablet devices prevented them from ever truly switching off and relaxing in their spare time.

Checking emails, surfing the net or updating social network sites also emerged as another area of obsession, with almost half (49%) admitting to checking their tablets instead of properly listening to their partner, and 35% of people finding the amount of time their partner spends on their tablet device even more annoying than them not doing the housework!

In addition, the study also highlighted that one-in-five of us actually set a time limit for our partners to use their devices, while just under half (45%) of respondents admitted that they can’t go more than an hour without using or checking their technology.

Despite all of this, 40% truly believe that their tablet or mobile device has made them more efficient – whether that is in their personal lives or in a work capacity. So why is it so difficult to switch off and how can you get the most out of your tablet device without it taking over your life?

Paul Evison, Head of Brand at Storage Options comments: “We know that people are becoming more and more reliant on their mobile devices. Having information at your fingertips can make life so much easier and the thought of having that instant access removed can be a daunting prospect for many. However, we can all be much more efficient by actually setting aside certain times of the day to use your tablet, update your social networks and check your emails. Instead of constantly dipping in and out of our devices we just need to set aside specific times to use them each day to stop us becoming unsociable tech-mad hermits.”

Interestingly, the research found that stress levels at not having access to mobiles phones or tablets are at their highest in Northern Ireland (36%) and the South East of England (34%) with respondents feeling like they will be missing out on vital information if they had to go without their mobile devices for 24 hours.