Got the Nexus 7 early? Get yourself a £25 voucher at the Asus store

Got the Nexus 7 early? Get yourself a £25 voucher at the Asus storeA recent price-drop of the Nexus 7 has left a few early adopters feeling a bit miffed. Don’t worry though, we have some good news. Asus is offering a £25 voucher to spend on its store, thanks to the tablet’s recent price drop. If you bought the Google Nexus 7 on or before 29th October (the date when the price changed in the Google Play store) then you can grab this deal and get yourself some free Asus gear.

To get your coupon you’ll need to register at their member site but there’s full details on the Asus website.

Oh, and if you want the Nexus 7 16GB version it’s now £159.

Link –

Update – Apologies, I went a bit mental and said, “Apps and Games” earlier.

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  • Im having trouble registering my nexus…keeps saying invalid serial :(

  • Same here. Made sure that the serial was correct (checked box, warranty card & ‘About Tablet’ in Settings). No joy.

  • DB44

    Leigh, how do I get “£25 of apps and games”?? The voucher is for the Asus store, not the Google Play Store. Only thing I can find to buy for the Nexus 7 is a travel cover or a power cable and adapter. Am I missing something?

  • scott

    same here, where are the apps and games

  • tightscot

    invalid serial for me too – bought mine on 25th july.

  • Tom Ranson

    I think I can help with the serial number problem. I tried putting in the serial number that is found in the settings on the Nexus 7, no dice. However, on the box is a second serial number just below that one labelled ‘SSN:’, I put that one in and it worked like a dream.

    • Simon Allum

      Only got one serial number and thats the SSN, got a cssn number but that doesnt work either….

      • Tom Ranson

        On my box the CSSN is the serial number quoted in the about section in settings, I ended up putting the SSN into the site and that one worked. Make sure you are differentiating between O and 0.

  • you dont get £25 off anything,what you get is 10% of products you buy lol,what a joke