Samsung Ativ S delayed until December

Samsung Ativ S delayed until December
Samsung announced the Ativ S back at IFA earlier in the year, beating HTC and Nokia to announcing their new Windows Phone 8 devices. At the time it looked like a really good prospect as it had a great spec and was rumoured to not be too costly.

Windows Phone 8 devices are know available all over the place, networks have got devices in stock, retailers have them and I even have one. But none thing has been notable with its absence. The Samsung Ativ S.

UK online retailer Clove have updated their availability section of the Ativ S product page and it makes for worrying reading.

First stock delayed until week commencing December 10th

Whether or not this is just a matter of one retailers stock or signs of something bigger is yet to be made clear. No doubt if people wanted a Windows Phone 8 devices they would have gone with HTC or Nokia by now.

Via – The Inquirer

Source – Clove

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  • Martin

    I wonder if M$ have forced this move so that they can help Nokia shift the Lumia phones? Or am I just being too cynical?

  • Why is the Samsung Ativ S having so many problem being seen and heard from? This was a phone that got alot people’s attention and we wanted to know more and then nothing for two months. Now it’s not coming to the US, why? This phone should be on all carriers except Sprint which hates Windows phones.