Expendable Rearmed now available for Android

Expendable Rearmed now available for Android
Expendable Rearmed is a remake of a classic Atari game from 1999 and it has been remastered for Android with Tegra 3 extras. The game is a classic shoot em up with an overhead vantage point. It looks really good, the graphics look a bit like the Dawn of War games for PC.

As usual there is a nice trailer for the game.

Expendable: Rearmed takes the PC and Dreamcast classic and with all the fun and visual panache of the original puts it in the palm of your hand. Now you can rescue hostages on distant planets and destroy enemy robots wherever you are.
“Our aim was to take a classic old-school shoot-em up and remake it for today’s gamers”, said Johnny-Retro of Retrobomb, “people want to play good fun games when they are on the move, as well as at home, and that means as a developer we needed to make a game that could be played on a Phone, a Tablet, a mobile gaming device, a Smart TV as well as traditional PC or console”.
“Expendable: Rearmed will bring this classic game into the hands of new games players as well as delighting fans of the original”, Said Barry Hatch, MD of Funbox Media, who own the IP of the original game, “If you want to go back to a time when games were fun, fingers were trigger happy colors and explosions were huge, then get ready, this is one of the best looking games I have seen on a phone or a tablet and as this is just the start of our collaboration, more classics are on the way!”

The game costs £1.99 and will work on phones and Tegra 3 tablets, it really does look a good action packed game. I will be installing this and reporting back at some point soon.
Expendable Rearmed now available for Android
Google Play Store Link – Expendables Rearmed