Do you love Windows Phone 8?

Do you love Windows Phone 8?
Do you love Windows Phone 8 enough to wear that very fact on your chest?

Well I do, and a while back I bought a “I Love Windows Phone” hoodie. I wear it with pride. Microsoft and Cafepress have released their updated range of clothing and accessories. They come branded with either “Windows Phone”, “I love Windows Phone” or just a mocked up Start screen.
Do you love Windows Phone 8?
They have a range of sizes for men and women. You can get hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, magnets and some other stuff.

This stuff isn’t going to be everyones ideal Christmas present, but no doubt there are a few people out there who would like a Windows Phone branded product. If that’s you then head over to the Cafepress Windows Phone page here.

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    I think that falls into the ‘Really Not Cool’ category :p Even geeks will spit on you.