Lenovo outsells Nokia….the shape of things to come?

Lenovo outsells Nokia....the shape of things to come?Lenovo outsells Nokia....the shape of things to come?

Market research firm Canalys today revealed the news that Lenovo has sold more handsets worldwide than Nokia for quarter three of 2012.

Whilst the main mitigating factor would have been the impending launch of the new Lumia 820 and 920 handsets this signifies just how big a downfall Nokia, once the worlds largest handset manufacturer, has suffered.

It is also important to note that Lenovo only sells handsets in bulk in one part of the world, Asia.

Nokia has taken a beating recently with poor financial results, an ailing share price and mixed reviews of the flagship 920 handset however what will be of interest will be the results for quarter four with the sales of the new Windows Phone devices included.

The Finnish mobile manufacturer will be hoping that the new handsets will revive their fortunes and restore their place at the top table of device makers along with Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony and Motorola.

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