HTC 8X hard shell case – Review

Phone cases are one of those things that really do my head in. So many different materials to choose from. So many manufacturers to choose from. A huge range in price as well doesn’t help.

Buying a case isn’t as easy as it used to be. So when I came to buy my nice new blue HTC 8X last week I was astounded that only one case existed.

It was the official HTC hard shell case in a matching colour. Due to the lack of choice and wanting to protect my new investment I ordered one.

When the 8X arrived I was amazed at how it felt, but worried about how it would look in a few months time, I was glad I had a cover.


The case is made of a slightly flexible polycarbonate in the same shade of Blue purple as my 8X and it has a rubberized strip around the top edge. This is to help squeeze the phone into the case. There are cut outs for the usb port, the headphone port and the camera. The power, volume and camera buttons are covered with a slightly more flexible part of the case. The case certainly continues the good looks of the phone, people new to the 8X don’t realise that it is a phone and a case they are looking at.

Here are some gratuitous pictures of the case and my new HTC 8X:

In use

The case is rather hard to get on the first few times. You feel like you’re going to break the screen. Although once you have it on you can’t really tell.

One thing with the HTC 8X is that the power, volume and camera buttons are a little difficult to press, covering these buttons in plastic means that any button pushes need to be definite. Which makes quick camera shots a little awkward. However as with the phone you soon get used to how hard you need to push a button.


Overall the case is good, being colour matched is great. The only downside is the button pushing problem. The case could also do with coming past the front of the screen a bit to prevent damaged if dropped on its front. But from all other angles it’s protected.

At £17.99 it was a little steep but I feel it is an extension of the well designed phone more than just a case. It is available from most phone retailers that sell the 8X, prices may vary a little.