Android App Review: ConnectiXX [Indie Showcase]

ConnectiXX is a free puzzle game by the indie developer Matthias Lange where you have to connect all the dots with a certain amount of lines (the number of lines depends on the number on the dot) – for those of you who remember any Chemistry exams this may be a familiar concept to you! It’s also interesting to note that the game was build upon AndEngine – a solid open-source game foundation that is perfect for 2D games of this type. So, having found a game that combined an intriguing puzzle scenario with a rock solid backend, it’s fair to say I fired up the app expecting great things.

No, I don’t read the Sun. Or advocate people reading it, for that matter.


When you first open the game, you are met by a prompt to register with the online leaderboards system Scoreloop. After following through the instructions, the prompt disappears and you get to see your first taste of the game – a rather clever menu system based on the actual gameplay. The menu is very well laid-out and responded well on my 1.0GHz dual-core Galaxy S Advance processor. Unfortunately, the artistic integrity of the menu is spoiled a bit by the advert in the bottom left, but ads such as this are crucial for a free game to be successful so I can live with them!

One of the easier puzzles. Don’t worry, they get harder!


However, the proof of the pudding is, of course, in the eating! I settled down to some serious testing of the app. The gameplay is quick, simple and easy to learn – in fact, you can jump into the game immediately without having to learn fancy control layouts. Although the puzzles are easy at first, they do get harder and some of them are particularly fiendish.

All in all, I think ConnectiXX is a great game that’s well worth picking up – especially as it is free! You can download it here.

Android App Review: ConnectiXX [Indie Showcase]