Apple ordered to pay $368m in patent lawsuit loss

Apple ordered to pay $368m in patent lawsuit loss


In the past Apple has been quite prolific in the courts when it comes to protecting their intellectual property and other companies have been just as ready and willing to sue Apple.

VirnetX was one of those latter companies and they believed Apple infringed their patents in relation to FaceTime, and a federal judge in Tyler Texas ruled that was indeed the case and ordered Apple to cough up a total of $368,000,000 in damages. VirnetX are also seeking a ban on any products that infringe the patents.

In the past VirnetX have also successfully asserted these patents against Microsoft back in 2010 and has cases coming up against the likes of Cisco, Avaya and Siemens.

“This victory further establishes the importance of our patent portfolio,” VirnetX Chief Executive Officer Kendall Larsen said in a statement.

Apple declined to make any comment regarding the outcome.