Samsung Galaxy SIII tops 30 million sales

Samsung Poland have tweeted the Galaxy S3 model has surpassed sales of 30 million units.

The post shows some of the Samsung team celebrating. Considering the device has only been on sale for approximately five months, that is an amazing achievement.

Whilst it’s obviously more¬†expensive¬† the iPhone 5 is due to account for approximately 170million sales in it’s first year, so these figures from Samsung are truly fantastic.

Good work Samsung fellas!

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  • patrcik

    pity the S3 feels cheap and apps are not made for the screen size….

    im also sure the S3 is 460 and iphone 519 not much of a difference when thinking about the quality apple put into there products samsung just go for volume sales….

  • Simpleton

    Huh! Are there 30 million people in Poland?