Win a copy of CRC Pro-Cycling or Volume+! [GIVEAWAY]

5th November, remember remember, gunpowder, treason and plot. To celebrate this fiery time of year, we’re giving away a copy of CRC Pro-Cycling for iOS! Alternatively, for the Android users out there, we are also giving away a copy of the great volume-modification app Volume+, thanks to Danny Cassidy. CRC Pro-Cycling is a cycling game for those of you running iOS 4.3 or later. It’s iPhone 5-optimised, boasts wonderful graphics and is fun to play – check out our review that will be published soon. Volume+, on the other hand, fixes the Android default EQ settings and allows you to increase the volume of your phone – handy for when your phone is in the bottom of a bag or you are in a loud environment. It does require root, however, but if your Android device isn’t rooted then I would seriously consider it. To enter this giveaway, you need to tweet the following message:

I want to win CRC Pro-Cycling or Volume+ with @coolgamerdotcom! #coolgamergiveaway

Just press the button above to enter! The competition closes on the 6th November at 23:59:59, so be quick! The legal bit: No purchase necessary. Click here for the rules for this competition. Basically, it’s what we’ve said in legalese – there is nothing to worry about! No purchase necessary (there again, a purchase would be difficult seen as we don’t actually sell anything!)
Please note that this competiton will now close at 4PM today.
Updated: fixed link