Virgin Media offer up unlimited data for £10 a month

Data. We all want more, even if we don’t really need it. Now Virgin Media have announced some new Pay-As-You-Go plans and now unlimited data starts at just £10 a month. It’s a simple setup. There’s two plans – “Big Data & Texts” and “Big Talk”.

For £10 Top-up..
Big Data & Texts gives you unlimited data, 300 texts and £10 airtime.

For £15 Top-up..
Big Data & Texts gives you unlimited data, unlimited texts and £15 airtime.

For £10 Top-up..
Big Talk gives you unlimited UK landline calls (01, 02, 03) and 120 UK mobile minutes plus £10 airtime.

For £15 Top-up..
Big Talk gives you unlimited UK landline calls (01, 02, 03), 120 UK mobile minutes, unlimited texts plus £15 airtime.

To switch to a Big tariff, you’ll need to grab yourself a £10 top-up (at least) and then call 789 from your mobile. Choose option 3 two switch to the relevant “Big Tariff” and you’re done. If you’ve got Virgin Broadband, TV or phone, you’ll also get unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobiles when you top up £10 a month.

Now, when people say “unlimited” I always have a cold shiver down my back. The small print doesn’t appear to mention a fair usage cap on the data, but it won’t let you use the phone as a modem or use peer to peer, instant messaging or making internet phone calls.

If you do switch to Virgin Mobile, you’ll be using the Everything Everywhere network.

Link – Press Release

Virgin Media bigs-up Pay-As-You-Go tariffs

01 Nov 2012

Unlimited data from only £10 a month
Unbeatable way for data-hungry users to stay connected all day long

Virgin Media today announced it is ‘bigging’ up its Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tariffs with a new standard in unbeatable value for customers. The company has created two new unlimited tariffs to meet the needs of PAYG customers to make the most of their smartphones; one with unlimited data and texts while another is perfect for those who enjoy a good old natter with friends and family with unlimited landline calls – from just £10 a month.

Following the successful launch of its ‘Unlimitacular’ Pay Monthly tariffs, Virgin Media has decided to bring the benefits of unlimited data and calling to those consumers who don’t relish the prospect of taking out a new contract with the arrival of every latest smartphone. However, the lack of unlimited calls, data and texts, typically synonymous with pay-monthly deals, is dissuading some from taking up PAYG.

Jamie Heywood, director of mobile at Virgin Media said: “Unlimited data is a must to get the most out of the amazing smartphones available today. People want to be connected wherever they are so we’ve introduced unlimited data without the ties of a contract. Having introduced unbeatable pay-monthly tariffs earlier this year, we’re now introducing incredible value pay-as-you-go tariffs too which makes Virgin Media the unbeatable choice for unlimited data, whether you’re willing to sign up to a new contract or not.”

Virgin Media has seen a 100% increase in the amount of data consumed by its PAYG customers in the past year which is only expected to increase as people demand more from the internet whilst on the go. Smartphones now make up approximately 40% of the handsets PAYG customers purchase from Virgin Media, up 20% from a year ago*.

Similarly, Ofcom has recognised an increase in the number of text messages sent by 12-15 year olds compared to a year ago, as well as a significant rise in smartphone ownership by this age group**. PAYG tariffs are popular with the teenage market given the necessary age restrictions on contracts; however, some parents still consider pay-monthly deals for their children because of the attraction of ‘unlimited’.

Virgin Media’s new market leading*** ‘Big Data and Texts’ tariff starts at £10, providing unlimited data and 300 texts, while for just £15 customers will also benefit from unlimited texts. The ‘Big Talk’ tariff starts at £10 with unlimited calls to any landline plus 120 anytime mobile minutes, while adding an additional £5 will also provide unlimited texts.

Virgin Media customers get more bang-for-their-buck as, unlike some providers, the top-up amount counts as credit which can be used for any services that may fall outside their monthly rewards.

With the Christmas season fast approaching Virgin Media has a range of affordable smartphones for PAYG customers including the ZTE Kis for under £50 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace for under £100, with both devices now available in a crisp white festive finish.

For more information on Virgin Media’s product and services visit and for the new tariffs go


Notes to Editors



*Virgin Media company data September 2012


**Ofcom – Children and parents: Attitudes to media report 2011


***Comparable PAYG deals:

  Virgin Media ‘Big Data and Texts’ Three Giff Gaff O2 Pay and Go Go Go Orange Dolphin
Monthly top-up £10 £10 £12 (as of 6thNovember) £10 £10
Credit £10 £0 £0 £10 £10
Data Unlimited 500MB Unlimited 100MB 100MB
Texts 300 3000 Unlimited 500 400
Calls Unlimited for Virgin Media customers to other Virgin Mobile numbers 100 minutes 250 minutes 75 minutes N/A




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