Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 21

Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 21

This week we discuss the Microsoft Surface, the multiple Google Announcements, EE hands on and lots more.

Your hosts are, Jamie Ryan, James Pearce, Dan Carter and Mark Peters

Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 21

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Links – Episode 21

Virgin Media offer up unlimited data for £10 a month
Nuketown 2025 Trailer Released
  • Steve

    Love the show, but what is the point of Dan being on this? hes been on a few times recently and all he does is rant about EE and it turns out he works for vodafone!!!! this week he didnt add anything to the other discussions I forgot he was even there. cant believe you dropped ravi for him. ill keep listening but i hope this isnt the start of the downturn in quality.

    • I will admit I did slack on this podcast, however what i do for a living has no impact on anything i say or post on the site or in podcasts. With the EE information I was disappointed by it, as a consumer and potential customer, however they have allowed me to loan a device for my trip to London where I am now to see if it changes my opinion, which I will talk about in a future show. Thank you for your feedback though, it has been well noted and I hope you enjoy future shows