Handtec shed some light on the confusing SIM free situation with the Nokia Lumia 920

Handtec shed some light on the confusing SIM free situation with the Nokia Lumia 920
Online retailer Handtec have posted some info on their blog here. Detailing as and when we can expect to see the SIM free version of the Nokia Lumia 920 and it some what makes you question the earlier post about Mobicity having stock.

Handtec posted the following short bit of info:

Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 UK Release Update
Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 UK Release Update:

Nokia UK SIM Free stock will not be available for now.

Nokia have decided to give the Nokia Lumia  920 exclusivity  to a network.

The the Nokia Lumia 820 will be available on a network and available to certain B2B channels only.

However these decisions can change and we will be looking at other channels will update as soon as we get further info.

Which makes me wonder if Mobicity have actually got stock or where it’s from. Either way things aren’t looking good if you want one soon.

Personally I would have thought Nokia would have been better off selling via as many outlets as possible.

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  • martin clinton

    I agree, its not as if Nokia have been struggling to keep up with demand…I’d thought they’d want to have them available everywhere! If the Nexus 4 turns out to be a decent phone, it’ll be nearly half the price of a Lumia 920, quite an uphill battle for Nokia (of course the N4 might be a turkey, only time will tell).

  • Jon

    Looks like a HTC for me, sorry Nokia.

  • mpw

    I think Nokia has made a mistake with this as they are not in tune with what reality in the UK. Lumia 920 offered on LTE tariffs only and for a reasonable monthly data download the price is £40 – £66 per month. So, if your choice is to pay for limited LTE coverage/performance at 30%-100%+ rates (only your existing 3G+ contract) you won’t, or you’ll look to buy SIM-free and run the phone on 3G+ until there is sensible LTE pricing/data tariffs.

    Nokia UK, sort it out quick, else HTC and Samsung will take your WP8 phone market. And when you’ve shelled out £400-£500 you won’t spend it again for at least a year.