Lookout for iOS now updated – includes Signalflare

Lookout for iOS now updated   includes Signalflare

Recently the Android version of Lookout underwent a major overhaul and redesign.  Part of this relaunch included the introduction of Signal Flare.

Signal Flare is an added protection against lost and stolen phones that automatically flags your phone’s location when the battery gets really low. That way if you lose your phone as your battery is about to die, Signal Flare gives you a fighting chance of getting it back.

Since this introduction there have been many requests to add Signal Flare to the iOS version of Lookout and therefore as from now this step has been introduced.

To see Signal flare in action,download the updated Lookout from the app store, then go to the Settings page and enable Signal Flare. Wait for your phone’s battery to get really low (around 15%), then login to Lookout.com and open the Missing Device Tab to see your Signal Flare location.

With the introduction of Signal Flare, iOS users can be secure in the knowledge that yet another measure is in place should the really unfortunate happen and your device is lost.

Included below is a screenshot from the iOS version.

Lookout for iOS now updated   includes Signalflare

Download the latest version of Lookout from the app store here.