Primark touch screen gloves – Review

Yes we are serious, we are doing this. My wife came across these the other week whilst looking for some bargains. They are super cheap and surprisingly good touch screen gloves. As with all of our reviews we’ll have a look at the good and bad points first.

Good Points

  • Stop your hands from freezing
  • They actually work
  • They cost £1.50
  • Both left and right hand can be used

Bad Points

  • Limited range of colours (no white version for me)
  • Annoying sticker on the inside edge of the cuff
  • They cost £1.50


These gloves look just like most other gloves, apart from the fingertips on the index fingers. Which are grey so you don’t forget which bits work on a touchscreen. It’s a shame they don’t make them in more colours. A white pair and a cyan pair would help compliment the phones I have.

In use

In use they work well, if you have really long fingernails they actually make it easier to use the screen than without the gloves. They aren’t windproof though, so don’t expect to be able to go mountaineering in them. The large sticker on the inside edge of the cuff is unpleasant as well. I had to rip that out pretty quickly after receiving them.


Yes we just reviewed a pair of gloves costing £1.50, but they are handy to have in the car or in your bag. Just in case it gets cold and your driving. You can put them on and still be able to make phone calls whilst bombing along the motorway. (don’t do this btw). So if you want some touch screen gloves on the cheap then head over to Primark and get yourself a pair.