iOS Game Review – Brainsss

I love a good zombie game, running away from hordes of them pausing only to shoot them in the face from short range.

Well this zombie game isn’t like that. It turns the whole zombie game genre on it’s head. You are a zombie and you have a few friends. Your aim is to convert as many humans into zombies as possible. Once converted they turn into zombies and follow you. Making your pack of zombies bigger, the bigger the pack the easier the game.

Sounds fun right? Well it is, for the first few levels you’re just learning how to move around and then suddenly a policeman appears and starts shooting at you. How unfair? Why can’t zombies just be left to live their lives like normal people? After getting slaughtered by the police you try again and this time you get revenge with an even bigger pack of zombies.

Things continue in this vein for a few more levels and then things start to get even harder. Humans that fight back, humans that run really quickly, soldiers with big guns, gun turrets and fire marshalls with big axes. Then the game starts to change no longer is it just acceptable to amass a horde of zombies and just stomp around the map. Oh no, you now have objectives, varying from, stay alive (as alive as a zombie can be) until the timer runs out through to stop the humans escaping in a helicopter.

As the levels get harder you can use your points to buy power ups, mainly to cause more damage or to make your zombies faster. On some of the levels these power ups are essential. There are two modes to the game casual or strategy. The casual mode just lets you play one level after another and also lets you go back and repeat previous levels. The strategy mode allows you to play the same levels but with more control over your zombies, you can split them up into smaller groups to do specific tasks. Such as guarding an exit or taking out one person.

Imagine my excitement when I realised there was an iPad version of Brainsss as well. On a larger screen the game is a whole lot easier and iCloud sync allows you to keep your position synced across devices. The extra screen size makes the whole game easier and a whole lot more fun.

Overall Brainsss is a really good game, there are two version a 69p version with all of the levels and a free version with 2 phases which is about six or seven levels. The free version should wet your appetite for more zombie fun.

Appstore link – Brainsss – Brainsss Free