Android Game Review – Meganoid 2

Meganoid is a hugely successful Android and iOS 8-bit platform game. The aim of the game is to make your way through the hundreds of levels avoiding death. Well Orange Pixel have come out with a sequel which on the outset seems to offer more of the same fun.

Android Game Review   Meganoid 2

Here is how the developers describe their new game:

With over a million gamers worldwide, the original Meganoid might have been the cause for an increase of smashed phones, swearing, institutionalising and a couple of other big words.

So we figured we could create Meganoid 2 and make it just as DAMN HARD!

Meganoid 2 takes you back in time with “grandpa’s chronicles”.

In his younger days, Grandpa meganoid was an adventurer, which is just a great excuse for us to grab the best ideas from Indiana Jones, Tombraider and even the Librarian movies, and throw them all at you in an unfair way just to see if you can survive!

And in true Meganoid tradition, Meganoid2 is released as a Free game (with advertising) and a premium version (without advertising) on Google Play… and what’s even better: it’s not available on iPhone yet!

The original Meganoid was based in the future with teleporters to mark the level end and even with the 8 bit graphics it still felt futuristic. With Meganoid 2 the developers Orange Pixel have gone with a Indiana Jones kind of feel to it. Including the obligatory rolling ball to dodge now and again.

The idea behind the game is fairly simple. Lots of levels, run a bit, jump a bit, dodge some stuff, die, respawn, run a bit more, die, respawn again and repeat. You get onscreen controls for left, right and jump. These controls can be positioned anywhere on the screen you want.

Android Game Review   Meganoid 2Android Game Review   Meganoid 2

One thing I got from playing Meganoid 2 is that it is a lot harder than the original Meganoid. There seems to be many more ways to die. Which makes for a much longer gaming experience, but does lead to a learning curve for each and every level. You start the level, die in a new kind of way, restart the level and then dodge what killed you before and then you advance and repeat. The developers have said that their aim was to make Meganoid 2 a lot harder than the original and boy have they done that. At times I find myself not being able to finish a level, but practice makes perfect and eventually I’ll dodge all of the items and make my way to the end of the level. Other times I’ll lose my temper and throw the phone to the side uttering “why must it be so difficult”.

Android Game Review   Meganoid 2

Overall it is a great game that has took an original idea and added a new twist with many more ways to die. The 8 – bit graphics do grate a little bit, only because I feel they are too low resolution. Crazy I know but on my Nexus 7 or my Galaxy Note they seem too blurry. The other thing is I wish it wasn’t quite so difficult (or that I was better at games like this).

Meganoid 2 is available in two ways. There is a free ad supported version and a pro ad free version.

Orange Pixel have said that an iOS will be coming soon.

Play Store Link – Meganoid 2Pro Version