iPad mini – An alternative advert

iPad mini   An alternative advertPersonally I’ve no idea who this guy is. He looks weird, he sounds weird and… just what the heck is going on with that HAIR?

Get a tan man !

Oh.. where was I?

Apparently Conan O’Brien is a big US talk-show host and this is his opinion on the new iPad mini. So, come on, let us know what you’re thinking…

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  • Martin

    Nah not impressed, it seems like they have rushed it out before they had properly specced it up. Look at everything for the last year or so….iPhone, iPod touch – Retina, iPad – Retina, MacBook Pro – Retina. I can imagine the conversation in the iTower “oh look, the Nexus 7 is really selling well, we need to stop that, lets bung out a mini version of the iPad and quickly”
    Its funny how they tout a 7.9″ tablet as being able to be used one handed, yet the maximum size for a phone to be one handed is 4″?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      Their tv ads for iPhone 5 make me laugh. The device is obviously only for people with paralysed fingers and working thumbs. Heaven forbid using a finger on a smartphone :-)