Expansys launch interest free deals

Expansys launch interest free deals

Skint? Yep, me too. Sometimes I treat myself to a packet of chewing
gum. Times are hard, so it’s good to see finance being offered on
these high-value gadgets we carry around. Expansys have an offer on
the Galaxy Note 10.1 which offers 0% finance, so you can grab the 16GB
(£499.99) for a £75 a month.

The Note 10.1 has a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU, Android 4.0.3, a 1280×800 pixel screen, 2GB of RAM and a microSD card to enhance the storage.

But wait, there’s more. Right now you can pay just £58.50 per month for the white WiFi-only version. Be quick though, the offer ends on Weds 31 st October.

Link – Expansys

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