Plague Inc. – Android

Have you ever wasted a few hours playing a game called “Pandemic”? If so this game might just be for you.

Plague Inc. made by Ndemic but published by Miniclip. When you first start it you are prompted for a difficulty setting, Casual (Easy, The first one I went for 😐 ), Normal, and Brutal. Only the latter 2 can unlock the next few infection types. If you have never played this before, you will only have bacteria unlocked and you can unlock the next few beating the game on Normal and Brutal, or in the spirit of paying extra money for things you could just pay to unlock the next few. (I wouldn’t care to know how much though.) Although this game can be quite tedious, I would say its a good game to kill a few hours when you are bored or whilst at work 🙂

If your screen ends up like this (see below screenie), then you’ve won!

Download at: Here